Changes in Legal Status of Sports Betting 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Gambling has always been a controversial topic in the US, and in recent years, it became even more of an issue. In the past, the Wire Act was clear enough to help guide the masses in understanding what constitutes an illegal gambling activity.

However, in recent years, various voices arose, claiming that the Wire Act is open to interpretation. Does it apply to all betting activities or not?

We’re talking about two main gambling styles that caught the attention of the public: sports betting and online gambling. If you want to play online poker or place a bet on the result of the next football match, is it even possible to do so without leaving the comfort of your own home?

A lot of changes took place when it comes to legalizing gambling in the US, but not everyone is clear on what those changes were. It is time to break things down and understand what the law says about sports betting, so you will be able to get in on the fin right away!

All You Need to Know

In nine states across the US, sports betting is already in the process of becoming an important fixture of local culture. Several other states, including Washington DC, are working towards launching new laws that will solve the issue once and for all.

The recent state to join the party is the state of New Hampshire, as the law concerning the beloved type of gambling passed more than a month ago. The Lottery Commission in the state is in charge of regulating the industry, with a new division of Sports Wagering that is supposed to control sports betting in the future.

According to reports, the regulators will give out up to fifteen licenses that will allow land-based and online venues to operate a betting system. That way, people will be able to visit brick-and-mortar locations or place bets via mobile apps, joining in on the fun with little effort.

In other states, such as Maine and North Carolina, there still isn’t any concrete legislation regarding sports betting, but not for much longer. Arkansas and Delaware, on the other hand, already have laws in place that allow gamblers to place bets at land-based venues only. Gamblers hope that in a few months, mobile apps will be available as well.

When it comes to states such as Illinois and Indiana, they passed a bill that states that sports betting is legal, but there are still no actual venues in which locals can place their bets – online and offline alike.

There are plenty of other states that allow placing bets via a mobile app, even if you can only do that within the border of a casino, or visit a real-life venue to have some fun.

By the look of things, in a few years, sports betting will become a prominent fixture in most states across the US, as locals begin to realize how lucrative the market can be.

In Conclusion

Ten years ago, sports betting was as illegal as it gets. But in 2011, the Department of Justice released a legal opinion about their interpretation of the Wire Act, which started a lively debate regarding the legality of sports betting and online gambling alike.

In the past couple of years, things began to move along much quicker, with local legislators taking an interest in the issue and in trying to find a legal solution.

Hopefully, in a few more years, we will be able to place a bet on our favorite soccer players or football team, no matter where we are. Who knows? Maybe our wish will come true sooner rather than later, and all US citizens will be able to place bets without restriction!

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