Frequently Asked Questions

What is Poker Alliance?

Poker Alliance (formerly the Poker Players Alliance – PPA) is the largest and most influential advocacy organization focused on advancing the interests of the poker playing community.  As advocates of safe, legal and fair play, the Poker Alliance represents the needs of poker players to legislators, courts, policy makers, and the media to ensure legal and healthy competition.

Going forward, Poker Alliance will be the voice that unifies millions of players in America with partners in the corporate sector and online gaming industry that are in favor of expanding the sporting world of poker. Poker Alliance will also advocate for consumer protection and states’ rights in the context of poker and internet gaming.

Poker Alliance has strong relationships with and support from partners across the online gaming industry.

How is Poker Alliance different from the PPA?

Poker Alliance has a new corporate structure that provides financial and operational support, so we will not rely financially on our membership. Visit this site periodically for partnership updates and announcements.

 Who leads Poker Alliance?

Mark Brenner is the president of Poker Alliance. Former PPA leadership will serve as advisors to the organization.  The formal announcement of Poker Alliance’s Advisory Board is still to come – check this site for updates.

How is Poker Alliance funded?

Funding will come from industry participants, including Poker Central, as one of many businesses, resorts, hotels, casinos, gaming applications or platforms, etc.

How do I reach Poker Alliance?

To join our mailing list: go to www.pokeralliance.com

For general questions or corporate sponsorship to support PA: Info@pokeralliance.com

For press: press@pokeralliance.com